SBI Accidental Insurance Policy 1000 Rs

The figures of the year 2020 show that only 1 lakh 31 thousand people died due to road accidents.And WHO also says that most of the deaths in India occur due to road accidents. Keeping this in mind, SBI has brought accidental insurance policy for its customers, which also includes a policy of Rs 1000. 

That is why nowadays whenever you go to SBI branch, the branch manager or staff of SBI will ask you to take SBI accidental insurance policy 1000 rs in Hindi. 

So in today’s article we will tell you why it is important to buy this plan. And what are the things covered in SBI’s Rs 1000 accidental insurance policy? 

What Is SBI Personal Accident Insurance Policy?

SBI’s Personal Accident Insurance Policy is a policy made by SBI General in which SBI account holder gets this insurance in case of a personal accident. Coverage is given under the policy. 

Types Of SBI Personal Accident Insurance Policies 

There are 4 types of personal accidental policies of SBI- 

  1. If you take a policy of Rs 100, you will get a coverage of Rs 2 lakh.
  2. If you take a policy of Rs 200, you will get a coverage of Rs 4 lakh. 
  3. If you take a policy of Rs 500, you will get a coverage of Rs 10 lakh. 
  4. And if you take a policy of Rs 1,000, you will get an insurance coverage of Rs 20 lakh.  

Special Features Of SBI Personal Accident Insurance Policy- 

  1. In case of death due to road accident, the family members of the account holder can claim it. 
  2. Any Indian citizen can take advantage of this policy. 
  3. A person who has a Current Account or Savings Account opened in SBI can avail the benefit of this policy. 

Age- Any account holder of SBI whose age is 18-65 years can avail the benefit of this policy. 

Coverage- A claim for coverage can be made only if death occurs due to an accident. Apart from this, this policy cannot be availed in any other way. 

Exclusions In SBI Personal Accident Insurance Policy 

  1. If an accident occurs due to any kind of riot or while driving under the influence of alcohol, then the benefit of this policy will not be available. 
  2. If death occurs while flying an aircraft, coverage will not be available. 
  3. If you are doing any illegal work and you die then you will not get any benefit from this policy.

How To Do SBI Personal Accident Insurance 

If you want to take advantage of this insurance policy of SBI, then you can directly go to the SBI branch to get SBI Personal Accident Insurance or you can apply online from your home. 

Further, the method of doing insurance online is being explained-  

  1. First of all, download SBI Yono app from Google Play Store or Apple Store and login into it. After logging in, a screen like this will open in front of you. 
  2. You will get to see the option of insurance in the home screen of Yono App. Click on this. 
  3. After clicking on Insurance, the next page will open in front of you. Now you have to click on Buy New Policy. 
  4. After clicking on Buy New Policy, you will see a logo with Personal Accidental. Have to click on this. 
  5. Then after scrolling down, you have to accept all by ticking the box of T&C and click on Next. 
  6. After this you will see the logo of the group insurance policy, click on it. 
  7. Now in the next screen you can read the information related to policy coverage and the questions frequently asked by people. To proceed further, click on the Get A Quote option. 
  8. When you reach the next page, from here you can choose the amount you want to take for your policy like Rs 100, Rs 200, Rs 500 or Rs 1,000. 
  9. Then after this you have to do Next. Here you have to fill the information which is in your account. 
  10. Next again. Now you have to enter the details of the nominee like whose name you want to include in the nominee, nominee’s account number, date of birth etc. Then you have to tick the box and click on Next. 
  11. As soon as you click on Next, the policy information will appear in front of you. Which you have just entered in the previous step. From here you can select your account in which you want to debit your policy. Then you have to tick the box and click on Pay. A confirmation popup will appear in front of you, proceed. 
  12. In the next screen you will have the option to enter OTP. After entering the OTP received in your mobile, you will receive a congratulatory message as soon as you submit it. And in this way your accidental insurance policy of Rs 1000 gets activated. 

How To Claim For SBI Personal Accident Insurance Policy

If an SBI account holder has taken this policy and dies in a road accident, then his family can make a claim under the SBI Personal Accident Insurance Policy in the following ways. 

  • By calling- 1800 22 1111 
  • By SMS – Claim can be made by sending SMS “Claim” to number 561615. 
  • Via email- Customer. 
  • Through website- www.

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