14 Profitable Small Business Ideas With Little Investment In USA

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Until a few years ago, most people’s life plan consisted of a fairly common and uniform project: Study until you get a degree, start a family and keep a good job until retirement age. Simple, safe, quite comfortable and predictable.

If there were any questions in this plan, those were what should I study? In which company do I apply? What additional incentives can I aspire to?

The space for uncertainties or innovative thinking was minimal, if not null, and was limited to making proposals (and crossing your fingers) with one or two improvements to the work environment, or to the products and services of the company for which you worked.

Fortunately, times and people have changed synergistically and based on that, the tendency to undertake has been penetrating. It’s not so rare anymore to get someone to look favorably on exploiting your own small business ideas.

In other words, now it is extremely rare to find someone who wants to stick to the traditional plan and leave the idea of ​​starting their own business for others. There are even those who combine both visions to obtain an intermediate version with the best of both life plans.

For these people, the predominant questions are other: What do I invest in? What business ideas yield the most profit in the shortest time? How much money do I need to invest?

If you’re looking for small business ideas that answer these questions, here’s a pretty cool list of the latest trends in small business ideas in USA.

I hope they inspire you and help you take the necessary actions to transform them into your new reality.

14 Ideas For Small Businesses That Demand Little Investment

This list of 14 ideas for small businesses does not follow a particular order, although it is organized by two main types of entrepreneurship: Traditional and Online .

Review it and let yourself be surprised by the business trends that require little investment, and that always have room for another value proposition.

Traditional Entrepreneurship Modality: 7 Face-to-Face Business Ideas 

Personal trainer

Is fitness life your thing? Are you happy sweating and moving your body? Then becoming a personal trainer is ideal for you.

This idea to start your small business comes in handy if your willingness to help others and your voice of command are combined with a certification.

A fairly popular booming trend in all sports disciplines that is also marketed very well through Social Networks and can give rise to other related businesses, such as healthy meals and nutrition and healthy life coaching.

Local Delivery Services

Yes, the big courier and package delivery companies are still there and they’re not going anywhere. However, nothing better than a private motorcycle, car or bicycle to deliver packages locally quickly and efficiently, and at a lower price.

Every day more people add their private means of transport to help avoid the bureaucracy and slightly more expensive rates involved in using more recognized courier and delivery services. So the image of a person in uniform shorts delivering packages no longer dominates the market. And it makes sense.

The field of work has expanded thanks to the entrepreneurship of many others and thus, there are other small entrepreneurs who do not have their own home delivery service, and there is the individual who needs lunch or a pair of shoes because they feel got stuck somewhere. You fit perfectly there.

If you also add the services an application, then your business opportunity goes to the fixed. Make yourself known and start pedaling.

food trucks

In Latin America particularly, the big business of preparing and delivering fast food from a truck has always been part of the landscape.

However, new trends and market demands add differentiating elements that you can take advantage of to introduce your own successful business idea, and make it extremely profitable. Do you prefer sweets over fast food? A waffle and cupcake food truck is also perfect to run it!

In any case, investing in a food truck does require a little more investment, study, preparation, and compliance with laws and regulations. Among them, you must specify the point where you will put your truck, the demand for similar businesses at that point, and the permits related to the handling and sale of food.

local tourism

Tourism has also evolved in terms of tastes and demands. Thus, from the so-called extreme tourism or adventure tourism to cultural or experiential immersion tourism , the strong point is to get accommodation in places other than hotels, and add guidance to the experience by the so-called baquianos .

How do you get into being a tour guide then, and how do you make it a very profitable small business idea? Simple: Design several packages and offer close and real experiences for people interested in getting in touch with the unique opportunities offered by your immediate environment.

You can even offer one of the rooms in your own house to host your clients, and include typical breakfasts to offer them a complete immersion experience, first-hand, and with the word-of-mouth potential that you so badly need to make your business flourish. your business.

Likewise, if you rely on an Airbnb -type application and make some contacts and alliances with interpreters, restaurants, inns, iconic places according to your interests (you can collect that information from a form), you have the possibility of making a name for yourself with everything long-term business potential.

Get creative! Design immersion tour packages for senior citizens, those with religious interests, adventurers with a thirst for extreme experiences, animal lovers, etc. And speaking of animal lovers…

Canine Hotels (and Other Related Services)

There are many people who are inhibited from going on a trip, even for short periods, because they do not have someone to take care of their pets while they are away.

This idea for small business itself lacks innovation, however, it has rebounded in recent times due to the fact that traditional hotels or boarding houses are often expensive.

You can start by hosting one or two pets in your home for a few weekends, and then include other services such as grooming, morning walks, and even accompanying pets for international trips.

They are ideas for small businesses based in the same niche of pet services that make good money, and whose investment is quite low and whose ROI is usually practically immediate.


Many people who work office hours or pursue their own businesses lack the time to do personal errands such as going to the bank, taking laundry/dry cleaning, buying groceries for the week, etc.

In some Latin American countries, the action of dealing with these tasks is called an agency and the person who executes it is called a Manager. It is usually an occupation that leaves a good money since the services can include from going to Notaries, to collecting movie tickets and the like.

Having an agency that places a manager for third-party services is an idea for a small business that promises to stand out in the coming years, and the best thing is that it can evolve into other unsuspected areas such as…

Personal shopper

This is the most stylish and elegant name for Personal Shopper. A personal shopper is usually in charge of choosing, buying and delivering clothing and footwear for special events. However, there are those who hire services to take care of the entire wardrobe, without obeying a special event as such.

More than an investment, what you really need to become an excellent personal shopper and make your business successful is to have a good eye and sensitivity to choose the best clothes and shoes for your clients, and take care of details related to finances. who trusts you with their wardrobe.

Start with your friends, and have them spread the word. Then you can open your own blog or website, and share tips related to your niche. If you are persistent and dedicated, you will soon be hiring and training others to turn your small business idea into a true personal brand .

Online Entrepreneurship Modality: 7 Ideas for Small Non-Face-to-Face Businesses

On the other hand, the Internet has given way to a whole new range of jobs that began to exist barely a couple of decades ago, and that have grown tremendously in recent years.

What is particular about this line of jobs is that they do not require the presence of the employee and even the employer to satisfy the demand for services, and most importantly: Each one in itself represents a successful small business idea to manage from the comfort of your home. home.

Online Tutor

Education has always had a place of honor in all societies. The boys will always need someone to clarify their doubts, and they will surely feel more comfortable at home, in a controlled and safe environment where they can use other tools.

If you have the ability and ability to teach online, this small business idea is for you. The themes and topics can range from the simple to the complex, and creating an interactive platform with interesting programs can be quite an adventure that also pays off well.


Although Google and other similar companies offer instant translations online, the truth is that translators have the sensitivity and world knowledge that automated translation tools lack.

Creating an online business that brings together translators willing to provide human solutions to translation problems is an excellent idea for a small business that promises high demand.

Web Content Manager

Every businessman and entrepreneur who wants to successfully overcome the barrier of the first years of uncertainty and risk needs, among many other things, to make himself visible on the web.

This is where content creation and management comes in as a small business idea that can actually become big very quickly. Just think about the amount of web pages that are published daily in your own locality, and how much money it represents to make those businesses visible.

Search engine bots require content and tag distribution in order to rank pages. In other words, a website without content to optimize is a wasted website.

Having the ability to create, curate and optimize content for the Internet and Social Networks is a tremendous business that requires little investment. And if you have the ability to manage staff to help you get rid of the creative process, then there you have the small business idea that can guarantee the comfort of your golden years!

virtual assistant 

Along the same lines as content creation, curation and optimization, and even translation and audiovisual production (which we will get to shortly), comes Virtual Assistance (VA) as a small business idea which requires very little investment.

The business model that generally accompanies them is the direct hiring of people with the most diverse profiles and abilities to assist those who contract their services in specific tasks, and they offer their services through a virtual catalog to the most diverse companies.

The company that hires the individual serves as a bridge between both ends of the equation and guarantees two things: The Virtual Assistant a fixed rate per hour, project or production; and to the Contracting Party, the payment management and supervision of the Virtual Assistant.

Audiovisual producer

In times past, audiovisual production used to be a highly select guild. It was covered by a veil of zeal and professional secrecy that only a few could access, so if you were an audiovisual producer you would surely enjoy an enviable status, as well as many business opportunities with the promise of earning good money if you made the right connections. .

With the arrival of the Internet, audiovisual production became simpler, more dynamic and more accessible as it required new approaches, approaches and an openness that you can perfectly take advantage of as a small business idea.

The best of all is that audiovisual production, in addition to covering the traditional forms of editing and mass production of final products, also has the online versions with which you will surely be more familiar.

The investments to dedicate yourself to audiovisual production will definitely depend on the formats you prefer to work with. What is certain is that your investment will always be worth it.

Social Media Manager

Large companies with an online presence often have entire marketing teams that perform many functions in parallel. Among the many functions that team members must take care of, is the management of Social Networks.

Although it may not seem like it, taking care of an ever-growing community takes a lot of time, time that the members of the marketing team need to create strategies and measure results. Thus, since it is not a vital vacancy for the optimal development of the department, it is generally ignored, and its functions take a back seat.

A recent trend indicates that companies are outsourcing the hiring of the Social Media Manager position. Here’s another small business idea that you can run without spending too much money, and one that’s sure to pay off big on a growing client base. 

UI/UX Designer

Just as Social Media Managers are generally making their way through outsourcing, UI/UX Designers are also riding this wave.

The functions of the UI/UX Designer are simple: To ensure that a website or application is friendly, attractive and loads fast in browsers.

It is easy to say, but it requires a lot of inventiveness and dedication to achieve it. For this reason, creating a small business dedicated to recruiting and placing UI/UX Design specialists is a business idea that requires little investment, and promises a fairly tight schedule for the entire year and beyond.

Something in the middle…

Just as there are ideas for traditional and online small businesses, there are some hybrid ideas that can work very well, such as:

Expert Consultant

Retired or experienced enough ? If you have already closed a cycle and rather want to help others to flourish in theirs, then the idea of ​​turning your experience into a business combines the best of both worlds because…

  • You can offer webinars, online consulting, valuable content and evaluations from the comfort of your home.
  • Reach agreements to offer talks and conferences in your area to empower those who come to take the baton in your niche.
  • Your experience, despite being yours, has all the potential to serve others. Make it your new business idea, and get ready to postpone your retirement.

Public relationist 

In the same previous idea, your experience and knowledge also leaves many alliances, acquaintances and connections that can be of great use to those who are coming.

Put your face at their services, and serve as a bridge between the contracts and the contractors because, what is the use of keeping a secret that does not bring you benefits?

Small Business Ideas That Create Big Profits

Entrepreneurship ceased to be a taboo word and concept widely related to risks and uncertainty, misfortune and bankruptcy.

However, to guarantee that your investment has the best results, the search for ideas for small businesses must initially resonate with your essence, potentialities and talents. That simple action will leave you with great profits and better experiences.

If you have other small business ideas that have a real chance of turning into big profits, please share them here. You can always learn and undertake with the suggestions

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