100+ sanskrit names for fashion 2024

Naming a business can be a challenging yet crucial task. If you are reading this article, then it can be easily understood that you are planning to start a fashion-related business and looking for a Sanskrit name for fashion.

It is important to note that regardless of the name you choose for your fashion business, it should be simple and easy to remember for people. Additionally, the business name should give a clear understanding of the type of fashion business you are running.

Once you have chosen a good name for your fashion business, it is recommended to do research on the names of other fashion businesses in your area. This will help you to come up with better business name ideas for your own fashion business.

You will also understand which type of a Fashion Business name is popular in the market.

Here’s how we can help you come up with a name for your Fashion Business:

  • Providing you with ideas for good names for your Fashion Business.
  • Explaining how your competitors may have named their Fashion Business.
  • Suggesting ways to find new and unique names for your Fashion Business.

But before we explore Sanskrit names for a Fashion Business, let’s understand the qualities of a good business name:

  • A good business name should be short, easy to pronounce and simple to understand.
  • It should be easy to remember after hearing or reading it just once.
  • A good business name never seems outdated, no matter how much time passes.
  • It should not contain any unnecessary or confusing abbreviations.
  • A good business name reflects the nature and size of the business.
  • The name should not have been used by anyone before.

Now let’s provide you with some Sanskrit name ideas for your Fashion Business…

sanskrit names for fashion

  • Alankar Fashion House  
  • Roopkala Fashion Studio 
  • Shobha Fashion Hub 
  • Vastralaya Fashion Emporium  
  • Sringar Fashion Boutique  
  • Soundarya Fashion Gallery 
  • Aabharana Fashion Corner 
  • Prachand Fashion Plaza 
  • Natya Fashion Collection  
  • Navastra Fashion Attire 
  • Sobhagya Fashion Center  
  • Prakash Fashion Studio 
  • Anurupa Fashion Collection  
  • Divyam Fashion House 
  • Kavyanjali Fashion Hub 
  • Anupama Fashion Boutique 
  • Saundarya Fashion Gallery  
  • Shringaar Fashion Plaza 
  • Tarunima Fashion Studio  
  • Manjari Fashion Emporium 
  • Prerna Fashion Studio 
  • Kanti Fashion House  
  • Shobhana Fashion Hub 
  • Chitralekha Fashion Collection  
  • Varnika Fashion Gallery 
  • Ananda Fashion Plaza 
  • Suvrita Fashion Emporium 
  • Ujjwala Fashion Boutique 
  • Tishya Fashion Center 
  • Rangoli Fashion Studio 
  • Smita Fashion House 
  • Sargam Fashion Hub  
  • Varnishtha Fashion Collection  
  • Advaita Fashion Gallery  
  • Chaitanya Fashion Plaza  
  • Kadambari Fashion Emporium  
  • Manjusha Fashion Boutique 
  • Aaradhya Fashion Center 
  • Shweta Fashion Studio  
  • Neeraja Fashion House  
  • Spandana Fashion Hub 
  • Kavya Fashion Collection  
  • Sujata Fashion Gallery  
  • Aakarshak Fashion Plaza  
  • Roshni Fashion Emporium 
  • Anugrah Fashion Boutique  
  • Lasya Fashion Center  
  • Manorama Fashion Studio 
  • Rasika Fashion House  
  • Saumya Fashion Hub  

What are some unique sanskrit name for fashion business 

  • Here is some unique sanskrit name for fashion business with meaning- 
  •  Aharvastra – meaning “clothing for everyday wear” 
  • Alankarika  – meaning “decorative” 
  • Angavikara – meaning “body adornment” 
  • Anukriti – meaning “imitation or fashion” 
  • Chitrakala – meaning “art of painting and drawing” 
  • Karpasa – meaning “fine cotton” 
  • Kavya – meaning “poetry,” can represent the artistic value of fashion 
  • Lohitaksha – meaning “red-eyed,” can be a reference to fashion being eye-catching 
  • Madhurya – meaning “sweetness and grace” 
  • Manjusha – meaning “treasure chest,” can represent the value of fashion 
  • Navastra – meaning “new clothing” 
  • Rangavalli – meaning “colorful designs” 
  • Samskara – meaning “cultural traditions” 
  • Saundarya – meaning “beauty and elegance” 
  • SaundaryaVastram – meaning “beautiful clothing” 
  • Shaili – meaning “style and mannerism” 
  • Shringara – meaning “adornment and beauty” 
  • VastraKala – meaning “art of clothing” 
  • VastraManjari – meaning “garland of clothes” 
  • Veshabhinaya – meaning “the art of dressing up” 

How to choose a good sanskrit name for fashion business 

Choosing a good name for a fashion business can be a challenging task. However, with thorough research, you can easily find a name that fits your business perfectly and helps establish your brand. Here are some points to follow to choose a good name for your fashion business:

  1. Analyze your competitor’s business name.
  2. Create a list of fashion-related names and words.
  3. Look for additional name ideas.
  4. Brainstorm and come up with new names.
  5. Select the best name from the list.
  6. Remove copied names from the list.
  7. Ensure that the name you’ve chosen is to your liking.
  8. Shout out your business name loudly.
  9. Ask yourself if you can live with this business name for the rest of your life.

If you follow the above mentioned points, we’re confident that you’ll be able to find a perfect Sanskrit fashion name for your business with ease.

What are some cool and cute sanskrit names for fashion business 

  • Aadhya Couture
  • Amara Fashion House
  • Ananda Wear
  • Artha Clothing
  • Divya Wear
  • Kala Wardrobe
  • Kavya Fashions
  • Mantra Moda
  • Maya Apparel
  • Nava Fashion
  • Prana Boutique
  • Samasta Clothing Co.
  • Samsara Style
  • Sattva Clothing
  • Saundarya Apparel
  • Shakti Styles
  • Shanti Attire
  • Soma Couture
  • Varuna Designs
  • Vrinda Garments

What are some creative sanskrit name for fashion business 

Here is some creative sanskrit name for fashion business with meaning 

  • Aakarsha – means “attraction”
  • Aakarsha – means “attraction”
  • Abhivyakti – means “expression”
  • Adornia – means “adorned with beauty”
  • Anuraga – means “passion”
  • Charisma – means “charming personality”
  • Chitralekha – means “picture perfect”
  • Divyam – means “divine”
  • Lohitaksha – means “red-eyed” (symbolizing attention to detail) 
  • Madhulika – means “sweet melody” (symbolizing harmony) 
  • Mithila – means “beloved” (symbolizing customer satisfaction) 
  • Navonmesha – means “emerging trends”
  • Prachya – means “ancient”
  • Pranava – means “sacred sound” (symbolizing uniqueness) 
  • Rangavali – means “colorful patterns”
  • Ranjana – means “pleasing”
  • Roopakala – means “beauty of art”
  • Sajja – means “elegance”
  • Sanskruti – means “culture”
  • Sarvamangala – means “auspiciousness”
  • Saundarya – means “beauty”
  • Sringara – means “ornamentation” (a popular suffix for fashion business names 
  • Sutradhara – means “master of the thread” (symbolizing craftsmanship) 
  • Vaidooryam – means “cat’s eye gemstone” (symbolizing uniqueness) 
  • Varnika – means “colorful”
  • Vastraabharana – means “clothing and jewelry”
  • Vastrakala – means “art of clothing”
  • Vastrakriti – means “clothing creation”
  • Vibhuti – means “elegance”
  • Yojana – means “plan” (symbolizing creativity in fashion design) 

What are some catchy Sanskrit names for fashion business ? 

Here is some catchy sanskrit name for fashion business- 

  • Alankara
  • Amoda
  • Apsaraa
  • Kavyanjali
  • Lavanya
  • Manjari
  • Navastra
  • Saundarya
  • Shilpita
  • Shringara
  • Tattvam
  • Vastra Shala
  • Vastra Veda
  • Vastraa
  • Vyanjana

Can we use Name Generator tool to name our business?

Yes, absolutely. You can take the help of a name generator tool. Let me tell you that these tools are artificially intelligent and can provide you with branded business name ideas for any business.

Before naming your business, be sure to take the help of a name generator tool. Here are some tools that we are recommending:

Is it necessary to buy a domain or website name with the business name?

If you purchase a domain name with your business name for your website, it can be very beneficial. However, it is not entirely necessary to do so.

If you create a website with your business name, it can be helpful for branding and marketing.

Why should you avoid using difficult and technical words in your business name?

People do not like to read or remember difficult words, so it is advisable to avoid using them in your business name. Therefore, we suggest that you do not use difficult words in your business name.

3 thoughts on “100+ sanskrit names for fashion 2024”

    • Dhivyan Ruban sir Here are a few Sanskrit name suggestions for your textile business:
      “VastraKriti” (वस्त्रकृति) – Meaning “Creator of Textiles.”
      “RatnaVastra” (रत्नवस्त्र) – Meaning “Gem Textiles.”
      “ShriVastram” (श्रीवस्त्रम्) – Meaning “Elegant Garments.”
      “ChitraVastra” (चित्रवस्त्र) – Meaning “Artistic Textiles.”
      “AnandaRuchika” (आनन्दरुचिका) – Meaning “Joyful Fabrics.”


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