how to earn 1 crore per month in india 2024

Hello friends! Welcome all of you in this article, in which we will tell you how you can earn 1 crore rupees every month. Sounds a bit hard doesn’t it? But, if you work with the right strategy and planning then it is absolutely possible.

So without wasting time in unnecessary things, let’s start this article! And know step by step how to earn 1 crore per month in india

How To Earn 1 Crore per Month

Step 1: Set Your Goal.

First of all, you have to set your goal that what you have to do to earn 1 crore rupees every month. You need to analyze your skills, interests, passions and market demand and choose a field in which you are an expert or can become an expert. You also have to research your competitors and offer a better service or product than them.

Step 2: Choose Your Income Source.

Now you have to choose your income source. You have two options, either you can join a highest paying job, or you can start your own business.

Both the options have their own advantages and disadvantages, but if you want to earn 1 crore per month, then business will be a better option. Because in the job you will get fixed salary, and there will be limited growth. You will get unlimited potential in business, but for that you will also have to take risk.

Step 3: Create Your Business Plan.

If you have decided to start a business, then you need to make your business plan. You have to decide your business vision, mission, goals, strategies, budget, marketing plan, revenue model, etc. in advance.

You have to identify your target customers and fulfill their demand. You have to register your business and complete the legal and tax formalities.

Step 4: Build Your Team.

You cannot earn a month on 1 crore alone. You need to build a strong team that will work with you and support you in achieving your goals.

You have to carefully select your team members and train them. You have to motivate them and listen carefully to their feedback and suggestions, maybe one of their ideas will give you quick success. For this idea of ​​his, you can also give him some reward etc. like increasing his salary or giving leave etc. With this, he will work with you whole heartedly.

Step 5: Build Your Brand

Nowadays, the competition in the market has increased so much that just selling a good product or service will not work. So you have to create your brand which attracts people and builds trust.

You have to design your brand logo , name, tagline, website, social media pages, etc. You have to create a story about your brand that highlights the value and USP of your business to people. Apart from this, you have to promote your brand both online and offline.

Step 6: Engage Your Customers

After your business gets brand recognition, you need to engage your customers and provide value to them so that they become your permanent customers.

Along with this, you also have to maintain good behavior with them and solve all their problems properly.

Step 7: Scale Up Your Income

When your business starts running and a good number of customers are also coming, then now is the time to increase your income. Now you have to expand your business and enter new markets.

You will also have to increase the number of your product or service and include new features or benefits in them.

If you want to earn money while sleeping or without working, then now you have to automate your business .

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Upcoming challenges and some tips,
friends, these were some steps by following which you can earn 1 crore per month. But it is not as easy as it seems. You will have to face many challenges. As if:

  • Competition: While doing business, you will find many competitors who will try to attract your customers. That’s why you have to do something unique apart from your competitor so that the customer will come to your place on his own.
  • Risk: You will also have some risk in business due to which your idea may fail, or your market may change, or your customers or partners may leave you. To avoid losses from these risks, you have to do risk management.
  • Stress: In business, you have to take care of everything, and you have to work all the time. In such a situation, you may get stressed and you may go under stress. That’s why you have to take more care of your health and wellness.


Next we are giving you some tips which will help you to earn 1 crore per month:

  • Passion: You must have passion, enthusiasm and interest in the business. If you do not do your business with full passion, then you cannot be successful in it.
  • Eager to learn: You must have a learning attitude for your business. If you don’t grow your business, you will stay where you are and the dream of earning Rs 1 crore will remain a dream.
  • Networking: You should do networking with other big businessmen for your business, and learn business tricks from them.

Some More Ways To Earn 1 Crore A Month

Apart from business, there are many other ways to earn 1 crore rupees a month. Next, we are giving you brief information about some of those methods-

  • Get a high paying job: You can earn Rs 1 crore a month by finding the highest paying job profile but the number of such jobs are very less. This may require advanced education or training, or experience in a specific field.
  • Multiple Streams of Income: You can increase your income source, and earn money through different investment methods. If you add the money earned in all these ways, then somewhere your earning can reach Rs 1 crore per month:
    • Mutual Funds: You can earn good returns in the long term by investing in mutual funds. In mutual funds, you can invest in equity, debt, hybrid or thematic funds. If you do not know about mutual funds, then you can get information with the help of Google or YouTube.
    • Stocks: You can earn profits in the short term or long term by investing in the stock market. To invest in stocks, you will need to give time to do market research, analysis. You can learn stock trading from platforms like Upstocks, and start trading by opening an online demat account.
    • Real Estate: You can earn money by investing in real estate even if its value increases or you can take advantage of rental income by letting the property on rent. To invest in real estate, you have to take more care of location, demand, supply and legal things.

how to earn 1 crore per month [Conclusion]

So friends, this was our article in which we have told you in detail how you can earn 1 crore rupees a month. We hope that you have liked this article and you have got the necessary information from it.

If you have any question or suggestion related to this article, then please tell us in the comment section. Thank you!

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