How to earn money from glowroad app in India 2024

In today’s article, we will tell you about such a business idea that you can start sitting at home with your smartphone and that too without any investment.  

Yes, you heard it right.

Let us tell you that even after starting this business without investment, you can also earn a lot from here. 

Actually, we are going to tell you about doing business with Glowroad App. If you do not know about this app then no problem, one by one you will get complete information that what is this Glowroad App and how you can earn money from it? 

So without delay let’s start this special information and know step by step what is Growroad App and how to earn thousands and lakhs sitting at home. 


What is Glowroad App?

If you do not know about Glowroad App, then for your information, let us tell you that it is an online reselling app launched by Amazon, with the help of which you can earn money as commission by selling things sitting at home.

Please tell that in this business you will not need to make any kind of investment and you do not have to go anywhere to buy and sell goods.  

In this business, you just have to find customers and bring orders. You can do all these things from your smartphone. 

After receiving the order, you have to set the margin and place the order on Glowroad App. 

Next we will tell you in step by step detail how you will have to do all this……..……..

How to download Glowroad App 

To earn money from Glowroad App, first of all you have to download this App. You can download this app from playstore. (The link to download the App is also given below.) 

After downloading the app, it is the turn to create an account. So further now we are giving you information about creating an account in Glowroad App… 

How to create account in Glowroad App 

After downloading the app, the process of creating an account in the Glowroad app is very simple. You can easily create your account in Glowroad App by following the steps given below…….. 

Step- 1 First of all open the Glowroad App on your smartphone. Now select any language from Hindi or English. 

glowroad app sign up step 1

Step-2 Now enter the mobile number from which you want to create your account in Glowroad App. 

glowroad aap sign up step 2

Step-3 After this, click on the option of Sent OTP and fill the OTP received from the mobile number. 

glowroad aap signup step 3

After doing all this, you will be redirected to the dashboard of Glowroad App. 

glowroad app dashboard

After coming to the dashboard, you can setup your profile by clicking on the option of My Profile. 

In this way, after following some easy steps, you can easily open your account in Glowroad App. And from here you can start your reselling business. 

This is the specialty of Glowroad App 

If we talk about the features of Glowroad App, then when you open the Glowroad App, you get to see some options on its dashboard. 


Search bar: At the top of this app, you will get to see the option of search bar. From here you can search any product by entering its code. Apart from this, you can also search for that product by taking a photo. 

glowroad app dashboard

Top Pick:  In this section you will get to see the top and best products of Glowroad App. 

glowroad app categories

Category:  Here you will get to see the category of all the products. 

glowroad app my shop section

My Shop:  By clicking on this option you can open your online shop in Glowroad.

glowroad app earn section

Earn:  In this section you can watch videos related to how to earn money from Glowroad App and you can clear all your doubts by watching these videos.

glowroad app my account section

My Account:  In this section you will get to see many options. These options are being explained in detail further- 

  1. You can see the list of your Shared products by going to My Shared Catalogue. 
  2. In My Watchlist, you can see the add product in your Watchlist. 
  3. You can see your order by going to My Order. 
  4. You can see your earnings by going to My Earning. 
  5. You can update your bank details by going to the My Bank details section. 
  6. You can give a rating to this app in the Play Store by going to the Rate Gloroad app section.
  7. I have given the option of help center below this, here you can get answers to all your questions and can contact your team in case of any problem.
  8. Below you will find the option of Change Language and Update Email, from here you can change your language and also update the email address.
  9. After this you will see the option of Allow WhatsApp. If you allow this option, then your customers can contact you through Whatsapp. 
  10. After this you will see the option of Refer & Earn. From here you can also earn money by referring this app with friends. 

After staying till here, now you have understood all the features of Glowroad App very well. Hope you like the information you are getting from this article. 

Next, we are going to give you more interesting information on the topic of Glowraod App and how to do Reselling Business with it. That’s why the picture is still pending, so stay tuned till the last. 

How to create your online shop in Glowroad App 

Just as you had created your account very easily in Glowroad App, similarly you can create your online shop in this app very easily in just one click. See for yourself how easy it is. , 

  1. First open the Glowroad App and go to its Dashboard/Home Screen. 
  2. Now click on the option of My Shop. 
  3. Now below you will see the option of Create Online Shop. Click on it. 
  4. After this write a good name of your shop 
  5. Now as soon as you click on the option of Create Online Shop. Your online shop will be ready. 
  6. Now you can share the link of your online shop in social media. 
  7. You can also manage your shop by clicking on the option of Manage Shop. 

So friend, in this way you can open online shop without investment in Glowroad App. And you can start earning well from here. 

These are the advantages of having an online shop 

When you create your online shop on Glowroad App, it gives you many benefits- 

  1. By starting an online shop, you can increase your sales 10 times more. 
  2. If there is an online shop then we feel like professional businessmen. 
  3. Customers start looking at you like an E-commerce business owner. 
  4. You can save your time by starting an online shop. Because in online shop, customers can shop as per their choice without any restriction.
  5. In Glowroad App, you can start your own online shop without paying any charges or fees. Which is a great thing. 

Where to sell Glowroad’s products 

After opening an account on Glowroad App, now it comes to know where to share its product so that you can get orders to buy the product and start earning quickly.  

So let us tell you that for this you can use social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Telegram and WhatsApp- 

  1. Facebook 

If you really want to earn money from reselling, then its Facebook can be a good option. Let us tell you that many people are earning well by reselling on Facebook. 

In Facebook, you will get to see the option of Marketplace. Here you can sell your Glowroad products and get good orders. 

Apart from this, you can join many such groups in Facebook that buy and sell. You can also promote your product here. 

Along with this, you can also have your own Facebook page on Facebook and by joining more and more people there, you can share your Glowroad products. In this way, you can get orders from Facebook in many ways. 

  1. Instagram 

Apart from bringing sales from Facebook, you have another option from where you can bring orders. You must have understood that we are talking about Instagram. 

Like Facebook, nowadays everyone has started using Instagram. You can share your Glowroad product as a post on Instagram. 

Apart from post, you can also use Instagram reel. In this way, you can also bring good orders from Instagram. 

  1. Whatsapp 

If you work well then Whatsapp can also be a good platform for you. You can create a group in Whatsapp and share daily glowroad aap’s products there.  

If any person connected in your Whatsapp Group likes the product of Glowroad aap, then that person will contact you personally to buy that product. 

Similarly, by promoting your business in Linkedin and Telegram, you can bring sales from there. 

How to earn money from Glowroad App

Now if we talk about how you can earn money from Glowroad App, then for this you will have to choose a good product from your Glowroad App and share it as much as possible on the social media platforms mentioned above.  

If someone likes your suggested product then that person will definitely contact you.  

After taking information like name, address, phone number and email address of that person, you can place the order. 

You can keep as much margin as you want while placing the order. After this, the order will reach your customer within 7-8 days. 

Within 2-3 days after the product is successfully sold, you will get your margin transferred from your Glowroad App to the linked bank account. If you have not already updated the Bank Account information in Glowroad App, then definitely do this work.  

How to update your bank account details in Glowroad App 

If you want to get your earned money in your account as soon as possible, then for this you must definitely update your bank account details in Glowroad App. Next we are telling you its process………. 

  1. Open the most Glowroad App. 
  2. Now click on the option of My Account. 
  3. After this click on the option of Bank Detail. 
  4. Now enter your Bank Detail. 
  5. After that click on Save. 

In this way, you can easily update your Bank Account details in Glowroad App. 

How To Make Money With Glowroad App [Conclusion]

Hope now everything is clear to you that what is Glowroad App, how to earn money from Glowroad App? 

If you have liked the information given in this post, then definitely share it with your friends and also tell them how you are earning money from Glowroad. 

If you have any question then you can ask us in the comment. 

Thank you………………… 

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