[Make money]- packing work from home for housewife

If I ask you why do you want packing work from home for housewife and earn money, then your answer will be –

Brother ! Nowadays in this world nothing is achieved without doing something and making money. 

Am i right That is, if you want to live then it is necessary to earn money. And usually people go outside to do job or any other work to earn money. But in today’s time it is a bit insecure to go out and work and earn money. (Especially for women) Now just think that how will you earn money without going out of the house?

If you are thinking about packing work then you are thinking absolutely right. Because if you know the work of packing, then you can earn money by doing any packing work from home near me ( i mean you)? So are you ready to know what are the ways to earn money by doing packing work from home and how to earn money from these ways? So what’s the delay, let’s start…………

Perhaps you would know about the work of packing, if you do not know then let me tell you once- 

What Is Packing work?

The company does the packing of its product for only two purposes, first that their product should be safe and secondly for marketing because the company knows very well that what is shown is sold.

That is, when people see the attractive packing of that product, curiosity arises in their mind that if its packing is so good, then how good will the product kept inside it be? So that people buy that product and as soon as the product is sold, the company also gets its profit. 

Type Of Packing 

Generally there are 3 types of packing work-

 1. In this type of packing work, the company gives you the necessary things for product and packing. You have to pack this product and give it to the company. In return for this work, the company gives you salary every month. 

2. In this type of work, the company gives you a product making machine. With the help of which you make and pack the product and give it to the company. Suppose if the company has given you a cotton machine, then you will make cotton cloth from this machine and pack it and give it to the company. 

If you want to earn more profit from this work, then you can earn more profit by making your own product and selling it in the market. 

3. This work of packing work is considered as the best business module to earn money online. 

In this, you make your own product and sell it online instead of selling it offline. 

Qualification For Packing Work

If you want to do packing work, then you do not need any special qualification for this. 

Just for this you need a creative thinking which can give you the idea of ​​packing new ones. 

Because if you repeatedly pack the product in the same style, then you may start feeling bored with the way the customer or company is packing you. 

Therefore, it is important that you should come to pack attractively so that the customer or company is happy with your work.

Pro tip: If you do not know how to do attractive packing, then you do not need to worry, you can learn it for free through youtube. 

Why Do Packing Work

Here are some reasons why you should do the packing work- 

1. Work From Home

If you are thinking of any work that you can do while sitting at home, then packing work is best for you. 

2. Low Needs

To do this work, you do not need much other than some packing related things.

3. Less Capital

If you do not have much capital and there is no other option other than packing to earn money by working from home. You can start this work in ISEM with low investment. Because for this you need less things for this work. 

4. Earning Well

You can earn up to 20-50 thousand rupees a month by doing packing work sitting at home. However, this salary depends on different companies, how much they can pay you so that they can also be in profit.

5. Help In Running The Expenses Of The House-

With the income from packing work, you will be able to run your household expenses comfortably. If you have children, you will be able to fulfill their hobbies too. 

6. Self-Identification-

If you start earning 20-50 thousand rupees by doing packing work sitting at home, then people of your society and neighborhood will start knowing you by your work. Due to which you will have an identity among the people. 

How To Do Packing Work? Packing Methods 


If you want to earn money by doing packing work sitting at home, then you have 2 ways for this. 

The first way is to do packing work for a company sitting at home. ( This is work from home packing jobs without investment )

And the second way is to start your own packing business. I am telling you about both the methods in detail-

 Packing Work By Doing Job

If you want to work for a company and earn money from packing work sitting at home, then for this you have to contact the company around your area. 

If you do not know which are the companies in your area that provide work from home packing job, then you can get information about it with the help of Google, just you have to search in google packing job work from home near me 

After this, there will be as many companies offering packing job work from home opportunity in your nearby location. She will come in front of you. 

You can choose any company according to your choice to do packing work from home. 

If for some reason you do not get a job in that company, then do not get discouraged. You can ask them about any other company which gives packing job work from home opportunity. Because the people of these companies have contact with other companies like themselves.  

Name Of The Company Providing Home Packing Work 

I am going to tell you all the work of the website, that website gives many types of work apart from packing- 

  • Monstar.in 
  • Careerjeet 
  • naukari.com 
  • jooble 
  • Olx 
  • Quicker 
Note - Seeing the name of Olx and Quicker, do not think that this is a site for buying and selling old goods, earlier in Olx and Quicker site there was only facility to buy or sell old goods, but now there is also facility to find jobs and get jobs. It has started being given. 

Actually, the owner of these websites is in contact with those companies who need workers to get their work done. 

The company contacts such website people who are already known by a large number of people and tells their need in such a site that we need so many people for this work. 

And then the owner of the website lists that company on his website with information such as the company’s name, address, contact number, salary offered by the company and the number of required workers. 

And in return for this work, they also take huge money from the company.

People like you who are looking for jobs, they find jobs on these websites. In this way, workers are found through that website to get the company working.

Pro Tip- When you get the work of packing sitting at home, you can ask for some money in advance from the company for its authenticity. If that company gives you money, then understand that it is not a fraud company. 

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How To Join The Company-

As soon as you search work from home packing job in any of the website given above, you will come across the names of many companies who need you. Here you will get complete information like name, address, email, phone number of that company. Through this you can contact and join the company. 

Keep in mind that you do not hesitate while talking to the company for packing job work from home. 


When you apply for a job in a company, the company will ask for some documents from you. As if 

  • Aadhar card 
  • PAN card 
  • passport size photo 
  • permanent address 
  • Photocopy of bank pass book etc. 

When you give your address to the company, the company will send the goods for packing to your address. 

When your packing work is completed, then you have to call the company again and say that sir your product is well packed, you can take it. The company will send its vehicle and after counting all the products, money will be sent to the account number of your given bank pass book according to your work. 

Do Packing Work For E-Commerce Company 

Packing work from home for housewife without investment : Today there are many companies like Amazon, Flipkart in our India which deliver the product online. And you know that today the craze of online is increasing day by day and a large number of people order products online. 

The company does not have time to pack so many ordered products. So companies hire people to pack these products. 

If you do packing work sitting at home for a trusted company like Amazon and Flipkart, then as soon as someone orders online from the website of these company, the company will ask for packing as soon as possible. And after the delivery of the product, you will get the money for this work. 

This may be helpful for you-

Packing Work By Doing Business 

If you want to earn money by doing packing work sitting at home, then apart from working for a company, you have another option that you can start your own product packing business. I am telling you the names of some products whose packing work you can earn money sitting at home- 

  • bindi packing
  • packing of worship material
  • gift packing
  • spice packing
  • Festival related product packing
  • packing of sweets 
  • pickle packing
  • papad packing
  • biscuit packing 
  • betel nut packing 
  • candle packing 
  • toy packing
  • pencil packing 
  • shoes packing 
  • food packing etc. 

What are the requirements for packing work? 

If you want to do packing work, then what things you will need for this depends on which product you want to pack. 

If you want to earn money by doing gift packing work, then for this you will need some decorative items. Such as- colorful paper, fancy ribbon paper, favicol scissors, tape, attractive packing paper, hand made paper, double tape, R-visible colorful letters etc. 


If you start your own packing work sitting at home, then for this you will have to make a nominal investment. You will have to make this investment in buying something related to packing. 

However, this investment also depends on the type of product you are packing. Because there would be some differences in the packing of different things. 

On the other hand, if you do this work for a company, then for packing the procut, you will be given all the things needed by the company. You will get zero investment in this. 

profit (earnings)

How much profit you can earn by doing packing work depends on you how much money you want to earn. Because the more products you pack, the more profit you will get. 

Suppose the company gives you 10 rupees for packing one product, then if you pack 10 products in a day, then you will get 100 rupees for this. 

On the other hand, if you pack 100 products in a day, then the company will give you 1000 rupees for this. 

If you keep working like this for 30 days, then you can earn 30,000 rupees in a month. 

Therefore, how much profit you will get in packing work depends on how much money the company gives you for packing a product and how many products you can pack every day.  

how to be successful in packing business 

If you do not want to limit your packing business to your home, then for this you will need to buy some pouch packing machine, which you can do your packing work quickly and take orders quickly. 

With this, you can also take the order of product packing of other company and can be successful quickly by doing this work. 

Pro Tip- social media can be helpful 

If you were using social media like facebook, whatsapp and intagram only for time pass. So now it will be useful to increase your business. 

For this, you just have to create a separate profile on all three social media in the name of your business. In this profile, explain everything about your mobile number, address and work so that people who check your profile get complete information related to your work. 

In this profile, keep posting pictures of your work related to packing on these platforms from time to time. 

Along with these posts, you can also write that if anyone needs the service of product packing, then you can contact me. 

When you post such posts on your Facebook, Instagram profile, people will start knowing you and your work and the people/company who need your service will contact you themselves. And this business of yours will catch its pace. Now nothing can stop you from being successful. 

Is any company cheating you in the name of packing work? Caution before starting work 

Just as there are both good and bad people in this world, similarly there are good and bad companies in the internet today. 

In such a way, to start the work of packing, people keep searching for information on the internet that they can get the work of packing sitting at home, and in this case, they contact wrong companies through some fraud websites. 

This is the company which asks for money before giving the work and later neither the money given is known nor according to their claim they get any packing work sitting at home. 

Remember that the internet is very big and the same company can give you the work of home packing which is located around your area. If you live in Hyderabad and someone is telling you from London that if you want to do packing sitting at home then contact us. Yes or no, such people are robbers only. 

If someone asks you to deposit money to earn money by doing packing work sitting at home, then you should not fall in his trap. Because this has happened to a man. That man himself has told by commenting in the comment box.


comment source- incomecall.in

Therefore, to earn money by doing packing work sitting at home, be careful in choosing the company, use your intelligence and discretion. 


Packing work from home is not a very difficult task. The person whose age is more than 18 years can do this work. 

I have told you 2 ways to earn money by doing packing work from home. One, you can earn money by doing less packing for a company sitting at home or you can earn money by packing your own product and selling it to a shopkeeper in the market. 

Now you have to decide in which way you want to earn money.

Tell me by commenting on your behalf that you want to start your own business or do packing work for a company to earn money by doing packing work sitting at home. (Your comment is important to me)

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