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Today, the topic on which we are going to give you information is especially for women.

Nowadays there are many such works which women can earn money by sitting at their home, such as packing work sitting at home , soap packing work etc.

Out of those works, today we are going to give information about Ghar Baithe Stone lagane ka kam. 

So stay tuned till the last for complete details.

What Is This Stone Work? 

This would have been such a work that any woman can do while sitting at home. In this work, some stones have to be applied at the right place of the saree for designing. At many places Ghar Baithe Stone Lagane Ka Kam is also called the work of setting Diamonds. 

A new look can be seen when a stone is applied to a saree or a shoot. Seeing this design every customer wants to buy that saree or saree. 

What Kind Of Work Is This?

In the work of stone work, stones of different sizes and designs are used in sarees and shoots. 

Glue is used to attach stones to any saree or shoot. 

The demand of each trader for stone installation is different, because some trader installs less stones and some more.  

How Much Money Can Every Women Earn By Doing Stone Work? 

If any woman does Ghar Baithe Stone Lagane ka Kam, then she can easily earn 5,000 to 6,000 rupees a month.

How Can I Get The Work Of Installing Stone Sitting At Home?

If you search the answer to this question in the Internet, then you will not find the correct answer anywhere.

Because this work can be given only to those people around whom people are involved in this work.

If you are looking for stone installation sitting at home, then there are many other people like you who are looking for this work.

That is, there are few people who give to install stones while sitting at home, but there is a crowd of people who do this work.

Because you must have seen the comments of people in many YouTube videos that please give me this work, I Am Interested In This Work Can You Give Me This Job

Don’t even know how many such comments are there.

In such a situation , it is better to become a job provider than looking for a job.

If you go to the wholesale saree market, you will get a saree without stones for around Rs.45.

You can pick up one or two bundles of sarees from the wholesale saree market. Then get two-four people together with you and start putting stones in it. This is called the work of value addition.

Now after applying the stone, the cost of your one saree will be four to five times . (ie around 200-300 rupees)

You can sell these sarees in the local market by giving some percentage commission to any shopkeeper. Or can also sell in wholesale rate.

In this way, you will not need to look for stone laying work sitting at home, rather you can give this work to other women around you and you will not even know that you have started your own business.

But if you search for this work on the Internet, then you will keep on searching and you will not find the right information anywhere.

So we hope you have understood our point. If you have understood then our work is completed here.

Thank you……………………

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