How to get Sudha Dairy franchise in india 2024

Friends, like Amul or Mother Milk Dairy, today Sudha Milk Dairy has also become a very popular milk brand. 

Therefore, the demand for Sudha milk is also increasing in the market today. 

In such a situation, if you are thinking of taking a franchise of Sudha Doodh Dairy, then you are thinking a 100% right. 

If you take a franchise of Sudha Dairy, then you will neither need to do marketing nor to find customers. 

Still people will come to your outlet to shop on their own. Because Sudha Dairy is not just a dairy but a well-known brand. 

Before we know how to get Sudha Dairy franchise what things will be needed for this. 

It is very important to know first in the company profile of Sudha Brand.  

Company Profile 

Sudha Dairy is run under the Ministry of Cooperation, Government of Bihar. 

It is a brand of Bihar State Co-operative Federation Limited. This organization was established in the year 1983. 

This organization does the work of buying, processing, marketing cooperative dairy products.  

type State Government Co-operative 
industry Milk 
Year of establishment 1983
Headquarters Patna, Bihar 
product Milk and related things 
owner of the organization Ministry of Cooperation, Government of Bihar 

How to open Sudha Dairy? essential things. 

  1. Required space 
  2. Shop 
  3. vehicle 
  4. some labor 
  5. Proper Investment 
  6. Important Documents. 

* Apart from these, there should not be any other Sudha Franchisee outlet in the area where you want to take the franchise of Sudha Dairy. Your age should be more than 21 years. 

How much worker will be required to take Sudha Dairy Franchise.

You can hire 1 to 2 workers. 

Is it necessary to have a billing counter in the shop or not?

To open a Sudha Dairy Franchise, your shop should have a billing counter and a product display area. 

What is the space required to open Sudha Dairy Franchise? 

To open a Sudha Dairy Franchise, you should have 150-300 square feet of land. 

How much investment can come in opening Sudha Dairy Franchise? 

An investment of 7.5 lakh to 25 lakh can come on Sudha Milk Parlour Franchise Cost

This investment can be more or less. Because if the land is your own then a lot of money will be saved but if you buy or rent the land then you will have to spend a lot of money. 

What are the documents required to get a Sudha Dairy franchise? 

If you want to take the franchise of Sudha Dairy, then you must have a certificate of GST registration. Apart from this, you may also have to show these documents- 

  • Identity Proof – Aadhar Card, Driving License or PAN Card. 
  • Address Proof – Ration Card or Electricity Bill 
  • business license  
  • Trade License etc.
  • franchise agreement 
  • photo 
  • business pan card 
  • Business TAN copy 
  • business address 
  • shop address proof 
  • Shop NOC 

How to apply How to apply for for Sudha Dairy Franchise? 

First of all search in Google and come to their official website. 

Here you will see a notification written to open Sudha Booth in a light red color bar in the home screen. Click on this. 

Now you will come to Sudha Dairy’s new site . Here you will be asked to login. But now you are new and you have not applied already. Therefore, you click on the option For Apply (New Applicant) shown below. 

Now a page like this will open in front of you. You have to fill all the information correctly here which is being demanded. 

It is very easy to fill this form. Even a middle school child can fill it out. That’s why we want to waste your time by writing about how to fill the form. 

As soon as you submit it by ticking I am not a robot, your complete information will go to the people of Sudhamilkbooth. 

If you are eligible for this i.e. there will not be any other Sudha Franchise outlet in the area where you want to take the franchise of Sudha Dairy and your age is more than 21 years then you will be contacted regarding Sudha Dairy Franchise.   

If there is no response from Sudha Dairy, you can login to to check the status of your application form using the same User and Password that you entered while filling the form. 


Today Sudha Dairy sells a variety of products under its own brand name. Such as- Sudha Cow Milk, Sudha Gold Milk, Sudha Healthy Milk, Sudha Shakti Milk, Sudha Smart Milk, Sudha Tea-Special Milk, Sudha Milk Paneer, Sudha Milk Curd, Sudha Milk Ghee & Butter, Sudha Drinks & Beverages etc. 

The market price of each product is different. So it is difficult to say with certainty how much profit you can get after taking Sudha Dairy Franchise. 

If we talk about the average commission, then it can be between 5-25%. 

frequently Asked question – 

Who is the owner of Sudha Dairy? 

The owner of Sudha Dairy is the Government of Bihar. It is run by a co-operative society. 

How much business experience is required to open Sudha Dairy Franchise? 

If you want to open Sudha Dairy Franchise, then no special business experience is required for this, but if you have business experience then it is a good thing. 

What is the education qualification required for Sudha Dairy Franchise? 

There is no restriction regarding education to open Sudha Dairy Franchise. 

Whether information related to the product will be given after taking Sudha Dairy Franchis. 

Product information training will be provided. 

How many years will the franchise tenure of Sudha Dairy be?

After taking the franchise of Sudha Dairy you can run this business for 7 years. 

In which area is the franchise of Sudha Dairy given? 

The franchise of Sudha Dairy is given in North India and North East India. 

After applying for Sudha Dairy Franchise, how much time does it take to open an outlet if you are eligible for the franchise? 

After applying for Sudha Dairy Franchise, your business is setup in 1 to 1.5 months. 

For how long can I get profit on the investment made after taking a franchise? 

You will start earning your profit with capital within 1 to 1.5 years. 

Sudha Dairy Franchise contact number

Phone : +91-612-2227451
Fax : +91-612-2228306
Email :

How to open Sudha Dairy [Conclusion] 

Taking a franchise of Sudha Dairy is a very profitable business. That’s why you must take its franchise. 

If you do not have proper investment then you can also take a business loan from any bank .

Hope how to open Sudha Dairy after staying here ? You will have got all the information related to it. 

If you still have any doubt in your mind then you can ask your question and answer by commenting. 

Thank you. 

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Sudha Dairy Franchise – Find Revenue Sharing, Investments, ROI Tenure & more

Bihar State Milk Co-operative Federation

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